About Merily Studio

Merily Studio features a collection of delicate, nature inspired, intricate and old Estonian patterns, hand knitted with the softest and warmest cashmere or extra fine Merino wool. The Collection consists of shawls, pillows, plaids and poufs in rich colors, that are perfect accents to any decor. 

The Collection has been a natural outcome of the designer's upbringing and life experiences- born and raised in Estonia, she went on to live in Italy, France, Spain and Japan; traveling the world as a fashion model and working with the world's leading designers. Following her travels Merily settled in New York to study Architectural Design at Parsons.

In Estonia, where handicraft is much loved and valued, every girl learns to knit or crochet at a very young age. While traveling the world Merily started missing the uniqueness and high quality craftsmanship of personally handmade items. She started knitting for herself and for friends until Merily Studio was born. Merily wanted to bring back the warmth she remembers from childhood and combine it with her love for contemporary design.

"I love the rich heritage and beauty of traditional Estonian handicraft, but I wanted to create something more modern"
Merily Jürna